Geraniums Size  Price  
Castello Isabella White 11cm pot  
Castello Isabella White 13cm pot  
Castello Raiko Lavender Eye 11cm pot  
Castello Raiko Lavender Eye 13cm pot  

Castello Tammo Rose Eye

11cm pot  
Castello Tammo Rose Eye 13cm pot  
Castello Onno Neon Purple 11cm pot  
Castello Onno Neon Purple 13cm pot  
Castello Erik Orange 11cm pot  
Castello Erik Orange 13cm pot  
Dolce Vita Karen Light Pink  11cm pot  
Dolce Vita Karen Light Pink  13cm pot  
Dolce Vita Klaas Lilac  11cm pot  
Dolce Vita Klaas Lilac 13cm pot  
Dolce Vita Linus Pink Eye  11cm pot  
Dolce Vita Linus Pink Eye  13cm pot  
Castello Bernd Dark Red 11cm pot  
Castello Bernd Dark Red 13cm pot  
Castello Ronja Red 11cm pot  
Castello Ronja Red 13cm pot  
Dolce Vita Anne Pink  11cm pot  
Dolce Vita Anne Pink  13cm pot  
Dolce Vita Lisa Hot Coral  11cm pot  
Dolce Vita Lisa Hot Coral 13cm pot  
Dolce Vita Emma Salmon 11cm pot  
Dolce Vita Emma Salmon 13cm pot  
Smart Lasse White  11cm pot  
Smart Lasse White  13cm pot  

We only have a small selection of summer bedding and basket plants at the moment. Please email us to find out our current selection.

Bedding Size  Price  
Alyssum - purple 12 pack  
Lobelia border- dark blue/mixed/light blue/lilac/white/ 12 pack  
Lobelia trailing-dark blue/light blue/lilac/mixed/white/red 12 pack  
Ageratum F1 blue 6 pack  
Antirrhinum -pink/crimson/lavender/mixed/white/yellow 6 pack  
Arabis - spring charm 6 pack  

Begonia bonze leaf

-bicolour/mixed/rose pink/scarlet/white

6 pack  

Begonia green leaf-

bi colour/ mixed/ rose pink/ scarlet/white

6 pack  
Begonia- mixed 6 pack  
Bellis Daisy - Large flower mixed/Pompom mixed/Pompom red/Pompom rose/Pompom white 6 pack  
Chrysanthemum - Golden yellow/Lemon yellow/mini margerite 6 pack  
Cineraria silver leaf 6 pack  

Gazania -Frosty kiss mixed/mixed/orange/pink/red/white/yellow/

Strawberry Sundae mixed, Sunshine mixed/

Tiger Striped mixed

6 pack  
Geranium - mixed  6 pack  
Impatiens - mixed / lavender/ peach splash/pink/red/salsa mixed/ violet /white 6 pack  
Marigold- American cream/American mixed/American yellow/American orange 6 pack  

Marigold French- Bee/ Double mixed/Flame/

Lemonzest/Red/ Single mixed/Tangerine/Yellow/

6 pack  
Petunia -Dark blue/ mixed /purple/ Red /Redvein/ Rose/Rose Vein / Stars Mixed /White  6 pack  
Salvia- Farinacea Blue /Mixed /Blue 6 pack  
Pansy F1 Mixed/F1 White Blotch 6 pack  
Viola F1 Coconut Duet /Mixed /Marina /Pink Halo/ Yellow with Blotch 6 pack  

Geranium Bullseye -

Light Pink/Red/Mixed/Salmon

Premium 6 pack  
Geranium F1 - Apple Blossom /Candy Floss Mixed /Mixed /Orange /Pink(rose) /Red /Salmon / Pink /White/ Violet Premium 6 pack  
Geranium Ivy Leaf - Lilac/ Mixed /Pink /Red /White Premium 6 pack  
Bacopa - Blue /Pink /White Premium 6 pack  

Calibrachoa - Black Cherry/Blue/

Hot Pink Star/Pink /Red /White/Yellow

Premium 6 pack  
Diascia -Mixed Premium 6 pack  
Fuschia Bush - Mixed Premium 6 pack  
Fucshia Trailing -Mixed Premium 6 pack  
Nemesia -Banana Swirl/Blue Rose/ Painted Rose/ Sunshine/ Tropical /White /Yellow White Premium 6 pack  
Petunia Surfinia -Blue /Burgundy /Heavenly Blue/Hot Pink /Mixed /Purple /Variegated purple/ White/ Yellow / Premium 6 pack  
Petumia Tumbelina - Cherry Ripple/ Diana White /Joanna Light Pink/ Pink Ice (Anna) /Pruscilla Purple Vein/Suzanna Yellow / Premium 6 pack  
Verbena - Blue Lavender Bicolour /Dark Red /Magenta Pink Bicolour /Pink / Rose White Bicolour Premium 6 pack  
Begonia Mocca - Mixed/ Non stop F1 deep orange/ Non stop F1 Pink /Non stop F 1 Scarlet / Non stop F1 White /Non satop F1 Yellow Jumbo 6 pack  
Begonia Non Stop -F1 Mixed /F1 Orange /F1 Pink / F1 Red / F1 Rose Petticoat / F1 White /F1 Yellow. Jumbo 6 pack  
Begonia Trailing Illumination -Golden Picotee /Mixed/ Salmon Pink /Scarlet /White Jumbo 6 pack  
Fuchsia Bush - mixed Jumbo 6 pack  
Fuchsia Trailing - mixed Jumbo 6 pack  
Geranium Star Flower mix Jumbo 6 pack  
Osteospermum - Berries and Cream/ Mixed / Sunset Shades Jumbo 6 pack  
Hanging Basket Plants    
Petunia Surfinias - Blue /Pink/ White / Purple/Red/Yellow 9 cm pot  

Calibrachoa -Blue/

/Pink /Red /White/Yellow/Terracota

9 cm pot  
Verbena - Pink/Red/Purple/White 9 cm pot  
Bacopa -Pink/White/Blue 9 cm pot  
Scaevola 9 cm pot  
Convulvulus 9 cm pot  
Nepeta 9 cm pot  
Bidens 9 cm pot  
Diascia 9 cm pot  
Lyschimachia 9 cm pot  
Fuschia -Bush and Trailing 11cm pot  

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